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Listen or download free guided meditations below.

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Guardian angel express grounding (free meditation): Duration 7 min.

A meditation where you are enveloped by the energy and presence of your guardian angel, where you are embraced and helped to get calm and settled in yourself.

Edited by Mikkel Mortensen


Bucket exercise (free meditation): Duration 24 min.

The focus is to let go of the energy and emotion patterns that you have absorbed from others throughout the day and be filled up with the energy that is right for you, instead.

This exercise can also be used to let go of old problems or emotional strain that you've picked up from family, friends, or work in the past. This is the only one of the free meditations that has direct contact with a spiritual helper. You can also imagine a dear deceased as the person who takes the pot away from you and eases the energy again.

Edited by Asger Techau

Control of your sensory system (free meditation): Duration 21 min.

This exercise will help you pull your "feelers" back to yourself a little and become anchored in yourself again. You are not cut off feeling or sensing others, but part of the sensation, which is very stressful, is stopped.

Think of it as going from farsighted to nearsighted and having closer contact with yourself than you do with others. It is a training case that requires some self-discipline but feel how relaxed you are in your psyche and body when you do the exercise. Notice how tense you get with others when you unconsciously "open up your senses again," and then train yourself to have the same relaxation with others.

Edited by Asger Techau


Pillar of Light (Free Meditation): Duration 23 min.

A meditation where you connect with the pillar of light. When you feel the pillar of light around you, you can better relax, find peace, and feel yourself. A short meditation with a great effect, here and now.

Edited by Mikkel Mortensen


Introduction to the pillar of light:
I see the pillar of light as a portal between the physical and spiritual world. Many with near-death experiences describe a tunnel of light and peacefulness.

It is more a dimension than a tunnel or pillar. Our soul knows it and through our soul we are in contact with both the physical life and the spiritual world. 

When we are born, our soul comes down through the "tunnel" and when we die, the soul goes up again. When we dream, meditate and are in contact with our soul/inner essence, we also have the opportunity to connect with the spiritual world and the support, guidance and healing which is present in this realm. 

It is this contact between you, your soul, and the spiritual world I convey by connecting you to the pillar of light. It is a loving, divine, and safe presence.


The meditations should not be heard while driving, as you can get into a deeper inner contact with yourself and let go of some of the attention to the outside world.

No words and phrases are mentioned from a particular denomination, it is meant as energy images and presence.

It is important that you are completely in place within yourself after each meditation. If you don't feel grounded enough, imagine thick roots coming out of your feet and seeking fixation in the Earth, or hear the guardian angel fast-grounding meditation or grounding meditation (in FREE MEDITATIONS). A good walk or your favorite dance music can also be used to get your attention back to your body feeling. You can also orient yourself towards your surroundings and let your gaze look for something nice to look at and then feel the peace throughout your body, both on your back and down to your feet. It is your own responsibility to get all the way back to good body sensation and day awareness after a meditation.

These are healing meditations, so there can be cleansing in connection with listening to the meditations, both physically and mentally. This is completely normal, and it is therefore important that you pay attention to which meditations you should listen to and when. The healing process will last long after you have listened to the meditation as it activates your self-healing potential and your recovery power that seeks you to thrive and be in balance.


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If you want to download the audio files above, tap the 3 dots on the right of the media player. (Only on computer - If the 3 dots do not appear, try Chrome browser). If you want the audio files on your portable device, transfer from your computer to your device after downloading.

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