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Mother relationship meditation

Mother relations meditation (Healing for your relationship with your mother)
Duration 27 min.

  • A meditation where the relationship between you and your mother is healed. You get help from guides to release the negative influences that the relationship with your mother has created, and you get help to feel an underlying good connection between you, without all the emotions and beliefs that have filled your relationship in a negative way.
  • You are strengthened in feeling yourself, being connected to yourself and standing by yourself.

(This meditation may need to be taken several times – You can only release what you/your system is ready for).

Edited by Mikkel Mortensen

Intro to the pillar of light:
I see the pillar of light as a portal between the physical and the spiritual world. Many with near-death experiences describe a tunnel of light and serenity.
In reality, it is one dimension more than a tunnel/pillar. Our soul knows it and through our soul we have contact with both the physical life and the spiritual world.
When we are born our soul comes down through that "tunnel" and when we die the soul goes up again. When we dream, meditate and have contact with our soul/innermost essence, we also have the opportunity to contact the spiritual world and the support, guidance and healing that is there.
It is this contact between you, your soul and the spiritual world that I am mediating for by connecting you to the pillar of light.
It is a loving, divine and safe presence.

Be aware:
This healing meditation can initiate a greater personal development, which is good if you are ready for it.
Your body remembers everything and stores it in the muscles/nervous system until you are ready to "digest/process" the old situations/relationships/influences. The healing in the meditation supports you/your self-healing potential in that processing.
Old feelings, beliefs and physical tensions may surface.
Your body may respond with shivering, warm currents, deep sighs, fatigue as it can finally let go of something it has been holding on to, and your nervous system can calm down and better blood flow can occur.
You may experience short-term nausea - if this happens, look for the psychological feeling and possibly the situation your system is currently working on processing.
Ask for extra healing for it. The nausea is just a physical reaction to a "stored" past experience that is moving up from the unconscious to the conscious and completely out of your system.
Instead of noticing the nausea, notice a place in the body that feels better and notice what new good moods/body reactions arise in you. Old things may come to light that you can advantageously work on with a healer or in therapy.
Remember it is your responsibility that you have a good grounding/body sensation/earth connection after this meditation.

In general:
The meditations must not be heard while driving, as you can get into a deeper inner contact with yourself and let go of the attention on the outside world.

No words and phrases are mentioned based on a specific faith, it is meant as energy images and presence.

It is important that you are completely in place within yourself after each meditation. If you don't feel grounded/grounded enough, you can imagine that there are thick roots coming out of your feet and seek to be anchored in the Earth, or listen to the guardian angel lightning grounding meditation or the grounding meditation (FREE MEDITATIONS) . A good walk or your favorite dance music can also be used to bring your attention back to the body sensation. You can also orient yourself around where you are and let your gaze search for something you think is nice to look at and then feel the calm throughout your body, both on your back and down to your feet. It is your own responsibility to get back to a good sense of body and awareness of the day after a meditation.

These are healing meditations, so that you can be cleansed in connection with listening to the meditations, both physically and mentally. This is completely normal, and it is therefore important that you notice which meditations you should hear and when. The healing process will last long after you have listened to the meditation, as it activates your self-healing potential, your restorative power that seeks you to thrive and be in balance.