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Healing meditations - a lecture 14 October 2022 Copenhagen

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Lecture on stress management

14 October 2022

At 19.00-21.00 (doors open at 18.30)

Dr. Tværagade 7A (Gårdhus 1, st.+1st floor), 1302 Copenhagen K

Marzcia Techau has used healing meditations to support clients and students for over 20 years.

Healing meditations differ from other meditations in that you consciously connect with the spiritual world and healing, thereby gaining greater access to support, help and insights into yourself and your life.

You will be introduced to the theory of how healing meditations are performed, and Marzcia guides a healing meditation that you can record and use afterwards yourself.

Bring slippers or indoor shoes.

Look forward to seeing you :-)

Well met
Marcia Techau

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