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Audiobook - Your soul, your life

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It is also possible to listen to the book via e-reole or mofibo etc.

Your soul, your life is a book about helping oneself to get closer to who we are deep inside. Our soul. With his background as a biologist and with new knowledge about the nervous system as well as e.g. Bruce Lipton's theories about intelligent cells and Peter Levine's shock/trauma therapy show Marzcia Techau what we can achieve when we work with both our emotions, thoughts, body and soul. As a healer and clairvoyant advisor, Marzcia Techau has often experienced clients and students coming to her, frustrated by working with the same theme or pattern for a long time. Here, the spiritual world and our own soul (which are two sides of the same coin) can help. In the spirit world there is help from guides, deceased relatives and an infinite divine presence. Our nervous system orients itself to the outside world, which enables us to be in contact with the divine presence and receive healing. Your life, your soul introduces us to different ways of cooperating with the spiritual world – karmic, epigenetic and through inner child work – and includes a series of exercises for self-healing. In addition, Marzcia Techau shares stories from her own life and a number of her students' lives, where blockages or traumas have been dissolved with the help of the spiritual world and have led to better lives.

"In my time, I have seen again and again how big a difference it can make in the human life we ​​have here and now, that we make room for the soul and connect with the help of the spiritual world. That we heal current, past and family traumas is loosened and made room. Just like when we clean up at home and throw away the old and useless to gently make room for what needs to grow and have space in the future.”

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Marzcia Techau (born 1971) is a biologist, clairvoyant advisor and healer. She works as a medium, has clients and teaches healing and clairvoyance. She has previously written the book When the Spirits Knock and participated in a number of articles, TV and radio broadcasts, e.g. The spirits return on TV3+.