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Din kurv er tom

Your soul your life

Den engelske version af "din sjæl, dit liv" er ikke udgivet endnu.

Bogen forventes at udkomme midt december og kan forudbestilles her.

Human life is full of challenges that can make it difficult to live in accordance with your true self, your inner core, your soul. Sometimes your surroundings react negatively to you, and survival mechanisms stemming either from experiences in this life or from the soul’s experiences in previous ones, can cause you to shut off particular sides of yourself. 

Introducing different ways to cooperate with the spiritual world, including exercises for self-healing and case stories from clients and students, Your soul, Your Life will guide you through transforming and healing these survival mechanisms so that you can have better access to yourself, to your resources, and to your spiritual strengths and qualities - not only so that you get the most out of your life now, but also because it will benefit your loved ones and the community you’re a part of. Because when you live in accordance with your soul’s essence, you have the energy to affect your surroundings positively.